Mama Rose Model Commissions

Mama Rose

Vtuber and Live 2D Artist

Commission Status : All Slots OPEN

If you would like to inquire about a commission go ahead and send me a DM on Twitter or Discord


Live 2D Model Art Only

Status : 1 Slot Open

Half Body : $150+
Full Body : $350+

What you will receieve:

  • .psd file

  • .png of the model

  • a ready to rig model to send to your rigging artist

  • 3-5 expressions included (tell me what ones you want) Angry, Sad, Shock, Blush, etc.

  • I am willing to do multiple outfits, depending on detail it will be an extra fee starting at $50+

  • i can do more expressions for an extra fee, $10 per added expression

  • if you want toggles like a wave or extra body parts there will be a fee, starting at $20+

PLEASE let me know of any deadlines you may have BEFORE I start on your commissionMore complex designs, more expressions, added parts of the body like wings or tails will all have an extra fee (can be discussed)Time estimate will depend on schedule end the design complexityId like to say around 2-3 weeks once I start but it could take longer depending on amount of commissions


Live 2D Rigging

^ 3.0 model in progress ^ (full body rig)

^ Chibi model rig ^ (half body rig)

No expressions on this one since it didnt come with them

^ Rigging for Enrico (furry inflation model) ^ (simple design rig)

Status : 2 slots OPEN

Simple design $100+
Half Body : $250+
Full Body : $500+

What you will recieve:

  • .png file

  • video of model

  • 3-6 expressions (or whatever the model comes with)

  • More toggles outside of expressions will have an additional fee depending on detail will be discussed

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Rigging Includes

  • body x, y, z movement

  • head angle x, y,z

  • breathing

  • eye open and x,y movement

  • detailed mouth forms, 25 to be exact

  • ear and tail movement if applicable

PLEASE let me know of any deadlines you may have BEFORE I start on your commissionTime estimate will depend on schedule and the extent of the rigging you wantTakes me from a week to a month depending on schedule and amount of commissions


Model Art and Rigging

Status : 1 slot OPEN

Half Body : $400+
Full Body : $800+


Marketable Plush Model
Art and Rigging

My own plush model





Status: 1-2 SLOTS OPEN

Price : $150

  • .png of model

  • all files needed to import into vtube studio or other program

  • Rigging includes

  • body x, y, z movement

  • head angle x, y, z

  • breathing

  • eye open and x,y movement

  • simple mouth forms, only about 6-9 different shapes

  • this is a more jiggly model

  • I can and will do expressions if you want them, up to 3 for an extra $15 Angry, Sad, Shock, Blush, etc

PLEASE let me know of any deadlines you may have BEFORE I start on your commissionTime estimate is a few weeks once I start depends on my schedule


Scuffed Model Art and Rigging

Status: OPEN
PRICE: $15-25 depending on details

  • .png of model

  • all files needed to imort into vtube studio

  • Rigging only includes

  • body x, y movement

  • head angle x, y

  • breathing

  • eye open and x,y movement

  • very simple mouth forms

  • (takes me a couple days to start and finish)

Email : [email protected]

Twitter : @MamaRoseMilky

Discord : MamaRose#8623

I own the art piece so I ask that you credit me wherever you use itYou cannot use anything I create as an NFTYou cannot use any of my art for AI purposes. AI art is not ethical nor is it EVER okay to steal someones art to use in such a way.If you are found using my art for NFTs for AI you will be blacklisted from me AND I will inform any and all of my friends/mutuals of your actions as wellUPDATE: as of 10/4/22
I will not take any rush orders due to me having a permanent injury to my hand. Basically my muscles have been torn in my hand and get very sore and tired quickly. I apologize that my work may take a bit longer on days this is affecting me
I am not the best at drawing masculine figures. But if you like a more androgynous or feminine model I can do it!! || PAYMENT ||Paypal or Kofi
I will not take payment in any other form, no nitro, or any sort of game currency.
|| SKETCH || LINEART || RENDER ||I will send updates of each part in this process to make sure you like what I have done and that I got all the details correct.|| LIVE 2D model art ||will be exported and sent as a .psd file
Send me any and all references so I can get the best accuracy for your comm || there is no such thing as too many references!!
Please have some sort of reference or design ready for me to turn into my style. If you want to create a new character from scratch there will be an additional fee that will be discussed.
this is simply for saving time and stress, creating a character from scratch adds another month or two to the process|| LIVE 2D RIGGED models ||will be sent as the cubism files needed to import into VTUBE STUDIOPLEASE LET ME KNOW IF I CAN STREAM WORKING ON YOUR COMMISSION!!! If you want to keep it a surprise then let me know and I will not share it during the process



For Paypal: I will email or dm a payment request link